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Eve Winters, the name behind Paints and Quills, has a talkative mind and an ambitious heart trapped and sealed in a meek body. So meek that she hides behind a pen name. With a cup of coffee and an adrenaline rush, her brain cells will be up for writing... and traveling...and eating... and photographing...and sketching. From articles of vivid topics to romance fiction to minute flowers and spiders to pizzas, and back to coffee, name it and she's got it covered. 

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October 6, 2017 After several months of validation and reconciliation of accounts, Philippine Airlines (PAL) and the Department of Transportation (DOTr) are pleased to announce that they have reached a resolution on the CAAP and MIAA fees issue. READ MORE

Are You Tough Enough? Join the 6th Tinta Awards: Ink The Universe

The United Print Media Group (UPMG), the premier association of major publication companies, with more than 100 titles of major newspapers, tabloids and magazines in the country will once again spearhead its flagship project, Tinta Awards. READ MORE

Alexa: Eve of the Millennium

I love sketching women. It could be because of her intricate bits that when put together, create a different level of strength and beauty – strength powerful enough to move mountains and beauty sweet enough to hold them in one place. In her heart.

Upside Down Drawing To Shut The Brain

My artist friend, Jen Molon, once told me that when drawing, I must beat my left brain. I must look at things with an artist’s eye. And I must draw what I see, not what I think. It sounds complicated but I just did that today by sketching this portrait upside down.